Sunday, September 19, 2010

20 days until the wedding!

I’m proud of myself so far (note the ominous caveat, leaving the door open for future emotional mud slides and tight-jawed diatribes).  

I have calmly overlooked shameless markups on assorted items and services, I have breezed over tense moments in the planning process and taken lots of deep, calming breaths when certain family members began making troublesome noises about seating arrangements and hierarchy status.

I serenely consult my 1950s etiquette book remembering that weddings happen every day,  that they involve human beings, and as such, are never perfect.  At particular moments, I envision myself having a marvelous, carefree time; at other moments, I can see how easy it would be for me to slip into General Contractor mode, barking instructions angrily through a bull horn while brandishing a highly-electrified cattle prod, intent on zapping anyone who dares to muddy the waters of Christina’s day.

Beware, potential troublemakers……

 To all the Mothers of the Brides who came before me, I salute you!


  1. A grand Salute to You~Susette!
    Mother of the Bride to be...I'm loving the blog. Remembering my Mother at my wedding...gosh...she smiled a lot-hehe. Wonder if she enjoyed herself??? Wish I was able to fully appreciate all the effort at the time...but I simply didn't know any better. HA! Connie R.

  2. Just wait, get to do this TWO times!! I will make myself available for comforting and educational consultations when the time comes....

  3. It is so wonderful to be on the other side. :) Look forward to seeing you at the show.

    xo Judy

  4. Thanks, Judy! It was fun to hear about your experience as you prepared for Devon's wedding. I trust that everything went well! :-)